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G3 Pool and Spa Pool Services

Complete pool care packages

G3 Pool and Spa is pleased to provide a selection of pool services for our valued customers. With such a wide array of services, you are certain to find a service or package of services that fits your needs perfectly. Additionally, we offer free estimates on all work performed by our professional staff.

We have designed a variety of packages to meet the needs of every customer. Whether you need only one service or several, we can help.

The service packages that we will be focusing on are:

Let’s compare these packages so that you can choose the best plan for your specific requirements.

Complete Pool Care

This package is meant for the homeowner who is prepared to look after their pool for part of the summer. G3 Pool and Spa will open and close the pool, keep it clean, and make sure that all pumps and filters are in good working condition.

G3 Pool and Spa Concrete Swimming Pools Project

Ultimate Pool Care

This is the total package for anyone who wants to have their pool open earlier and close later in the season. There is no concern about the operation of your pool for the whole swimming season. The water will consistently be kept crystal clear and pH balancing will be taken care of.

A La Carte Pool Services

All of our opening, closing, and cleaning services are available individually. Prices range from $250 to $550, and the schedules are completely flexible. Choose exactly the services that you need.

A Comparison of Services and Packages

Name of package

What you get

Ultimate Pool Care

  • Early opening
  • Late closing
  • Crystal clear water at all times via pH balancing service
  • Pump and filter maintenance
  • Service during all weeks of the swimming season

Complete Pool Care

  • Pool opening
  • Pool closing
  • Crystal clear water at all times via pH balancing service
  • Pump and filter maintenance
  • Service during most weeks of the swimming season – You decide how many weeks.

A La Carte Pool Services

  • A choice of services, individually priced from $ 250 to $550 per service
  • Choose from:
    • Pool opening
    • Pool closing
    • Pool cleaning


What’s involved in opening the pool?

  • Clean the pool and its surfaces and assess damage caused over the winter.
  • Take stock of pool chemicals.
  • Take off the cover, clean and put it away.
  • Check for leaks, breaks or damage.
  • Fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer waterline and clean any remaining debris and vacuum.
  • Start the filter and check the water for proper PH.

What’s involved in closing the pool?

  • Clean debris and scum from the pool and the immediate area.
  • Check the water and balance the chemicals.
  • Winterize the pool and add chemicals as required.
  • Add chlorine and shock the pool.
  • Bring the water level down to below return lines.
  • Clean the pool’s filters and pumps and backwash the system.
  • Clean out the lines of the pool pumps.
  • Take all accessories out of the pool, clean, dry, and put them away.
  • Put on a winter pool cover.

What’s involved in pool maintenance?

  • Skim debris
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Clean the filters
  • Maintain the pH level
  • Monitor for leaks

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