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Hamilton Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Swimming Pools at G3 Pool and Spa

Hamilton Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Hamilton fiberglass swimming pool technology has come a long way since the material was first used for pools back in the 1960s. At G3 Pool and Spa, we’ve always been at the forefront of advances in Hamilton fiberglass pools. We can provide you with a fiberglass swimming pool in Hamilton ON that you’ll love for decades to come. People throughout the region turn to G3 first whenever they need fiberglass pools in Hamilton ON. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you why.

How We Typically Construct a Hamilton Fiberglass Swimming Pool

At G3, we want you to have as much information as possible before you commit to purchasing a Hamilton fiberglass swimming pool. There are a lot of advantages to owning Hamilton fiberglass pools, but we want to make sure you know exactly what to expect. Here’s a brief look at how we will build your fiberglass swimming pool in Hamilton ON.

The first thing that needs to be done when building fiberglass pools in Hamilton ON, of course, is to excavate the area where your pool will sit. Once that happens, we then install the structure of the pool. Next, we install the plumbing, circulation and filtration systems, fill the structure with water, and then install the rest of your pool’s components.

How the Shell of a Hamilton Fiberglass Swimming Pool is Made

One of the biggest benefits of Hamilton fiberglass pools is fast installation. This is possible because the shell of your pool is pre-made in a factory. The mold receives a gel finish that gives it a smooth surface that’s resistant to algae, and then other materials are added to add strength. The shell of your pool will undergo a thorough quality check before it arrives at your home.

Get in touch with G3 for more information on how we install a Hamilton fiberglass swimming pool. You’ll quickly find out why so many people think of us as the leader in Hamilton fiberglass pools. Contact us online or call 416-251-6549.

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