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À La Carte Pool Services

If neither Pool Care Package suits your needs, we offer all of our opening, closing, and cleaning services individually! Prices range from $100 to $350, and our scheduling is flexible. A pool care packages to suit your needs.


Pool Equipment Sales

We offer the latest technologies from all suppliers to suit any budget! We have options for both chlorinated and saltwater pools.

Complete Pool Care

Designed for the home owner who doesn’t mind looking after their pool during certain weeks in the summer. We’ll open and close your pool, keep it clean and tidy, and make sure all pumps and filters are working perfectly.

Ultimate Pool Care Package

Ultimate Pool Care Package

Perfect for those wanting to open their pools early and close them later. With this package you don’t need to worry about the operation of your pool at all. Every time you head out for a swim the water will be crystal clear and perfectly refreshing, and you’ll never have to think about PH balancing again.

pool constructions

Other Construction

We build it all! We can put in a new deck while we’ve got your yard all dug up, and we’d love to build you a gazebo to relax in for some shady poolside lounging.

Supply swimming pool - G3 Pool & Spa

Pool Chemicals

Shop pool chemicals like chlorine, bromine, salt, all ph balancing products, and muriatic acid from G3 Pool & Spa.